Steve Emmert receives

The Oregon School Personnel Association Human Resources Leadership Award is given to an active member of OSPA who has distinguished him/herself in personnel administration; is involved and a contributing participant in personnel functions and/or programs; whose contributions have had a significant impact on public education; is a skilled manager of change and is creative in his/her approach to personnel administration; approaches personnel administrative work with a sense of humor and sense of respect for his/her fellow persons.

Human Resources Leadership Award winner is Steve Emmert, Director of Sherwood Public Schools.

Since 1983, Steve has served in a wide range of education leadership positions as a teacher and administrator, as well as a youth counselor, volleyball and softball coach.   In 2014 when Steve became Sherwood Public Schools HR Director, he had no formal HR experience yet he dove right in with the positive attitude that he brings to every assignment and has done everything in his power to continue to learn and succeed in his role.  In addition to leading the HR department that includes 2-full time HR Specialists, Steve currently supervises the Fiscal Services team, the Transportation Supervisor, and the Director of Nutrition Services.  He is a respected and valued member of the Executive Team.

In Steve’s role as HR Director, leader, colleague, and mentor:

  • He holds himself and others to high expectations. If expectations are not met, he creates a teachable moment, but never in a degrading or demoralizing way.
  • There is no job below him and is willing to do what it takes to get the job done.
  • He has exceptional communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to address difficult personnel issues with respect and consideration.
  • He is friendly, approachable, and genuine with a great sense of humor.

OSPA is delighted to recognize Steve for his exceptional leadership and service. He represents OSPA’s mission in action – keeping the best people in front of Oregon’s students.


Jennie Scarborough receives

The Human Resources Specialist/Support Staff Professional of the Year Award is given to an individual whose contributions have had significant impact on the efficiency of the human resources office and to the field of human resources; who has distinguished him/herself through leadership service; and is a collaborative contributing participant in personnel function and/or programs.

Specialist/Support Staff Award winner is Jennie Scarborough, HR Specialist in Lincoln County School District.

In her role as HR Specialist in Lincoln County SD, Jennie is known for working behind-the-scenes meticulously pulling together details to ensure services to staff are top notch.

Jennie is known for being high competent, customer-service oriented, a good decision-maker, productive, dependable, thorough and dedicated to her work.  Jennie enables others to accomplish more work because of the exceptional role she plays in a supporting position – she creates a positive ripple effect. 

And, Jennie is an amazing cook.  Lincoln County SD potlucks are off the charts!

It is a privilege for OSPA to recognize Jennie for her outstanding contributions to the field of human resources.