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2019 Region Meetings

Region Meeting Agenda

2019 July Policy Updates, OSBA

2019 Legislative Overview - Lori Sattenspiel, Richard Donovan, OSBA

2019 Legislative Updates - Spencer Lewis, Haley Percell, OSBA

TSPC Updates, September 2019, Elizabeth Keller

2019 advance summer retreat

First 100 Days in HR - Debbie Simons, Medford SD

Gender Equity and Beyond: Broader Legal Impacts - Naomi Haslitt

HB 2016: Effects on Bargaining and Operations - Nancy Hungerford

HR Organization Climate/Strategic Planning and Visioning - Debbie Simons, Medford SD

HR Organizational Chart - Medford School District

On the Path to Diversity and Inclusion: Recognizing and Responding to Unconscious Bias - Naomi Haslitt

Recruiting and Retaining - Five Generation Workforce - Markisha Smith

2019 spring conference

Amended Equal Pay Act - Nancy Hungerford

Classified Employee Retention - Brian White

CLEAR - Employment Website Evaluation - Brian White

Creating a Welcoming Environment - Janine Mobley, Michelle Riddell

Developing Teachers from Within - Jennifer Duvall, Steve Nelson, Susan Rodriguez, Dorie Vickery

Bilingual Teacher Agreement

HS Student Bilingual Teacher Pathways Pilot Program Agreement

Salem-Keizer Blank Agreement - Corban University

Salem-Keizer Blank Agreement - WOU Sped Cohort

Salem-Keizer Diversity Support Program Agreement

Employee Feedback and the Non-Negotiable Attributes - Marsha Moyer

FMLA-OFLA-ADA - Jennifer Nancarrow, Andrea Schiers

Getting Schooled on Worker’s Comp Claims - Dave Castillo, Xander D’Arcy

Gresham-Barlow Onboarding - James Hiu

Leading a Culture of Service Excellence Through Rewards and Recognition - Kelly Coash-Johnson

Recharge Your Recruiting - Brian White

Recruiting Key Performance Indicators - Brian White

Sexual Harassment Investigation in the Workplace - Lisa Freiley

Strategic Onboarding - Steve Emmert

Title IX Emerging Issues: Transgenders, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and New State and Federal Rules, Kelly Noor

Top Legal Issues - Brian Hungerford, Mike Porter

Trauma Informed Care: The Importance and Relevance in the School HR Setting - Stewart Campbell, Angela Healow

TSPC Updates - Elizabeth Keller

2019 ADvanced winter retreat

Title IX Presentation - Brian and Nancy Hungerford

Title IX Resource Guide

Title IX Compliance Checklist

Simplelist Member-to-member Communication

Simplelist Instructions

2018 Fall Workshop

Fall Workshop Agenda

Applying the Just Cause Standard

BOLI Presentation

Anti-bias Training: Diamond Law Resources

Pay Equity

Licensure 101

TSPC Update

2018 Region Meeting agenda and announcements

Region Meeting Agenda Announcements

2018 Advanced summer retreat

Bargaining Class Size

Bargaining Trends

Janus - Takeaways and Lessons

Changes and Best Practices in Health Care Management, part 1

Changes and Best Practices in Health Care Management, part 2

Changes and Best Practices in Health Care Management, part 3

Pay Equity


2018 Spring Conference materials

Conducting a Classified Wage Analysis

Deconstructing Difficult Conversations

Developing Your Classified Stars

Diversifying the Workforce

Hiring Multifaceted Educators

Job Descriptions: A Catalyst for Job Performance

Protected Leave: Navigating the Intersections

Retention of Teachers in a Complex Environment

Talking About My Generation

They Did What? Performance or Misconduct Issue

TSPC Investigations

Advanced Investigative Techniques


2017 OSPA-TSPC-ODE Fall Workshop Materials

TCSP Workshop Welcome & Overview– OSPA

The Juggling Act: Mental Disabilities in the Workplace– Michael Porter Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP

Applying Oregon’s Pay Equity Laws to Your School– Anthony Kuchulis Barran Liebman LLP

ODE Updates– Oregon Department of Education

Employee Social Media and Public Records Requests– PACE


2018 OSPA Winter Advanced HR Retreat

Bringing Clarity to Reimbursement Accounts


FLSA Essentials– Understanding Overtime Rules

Future of American Health Care Reform

Hungerford Law Firm handouts

Hungerford Law Firm– Writing 101

OSPA– Talking About my Generation


HB 2062 Contact List

District Disclosure Release Forms Contact List 2018-2019