Board Recruitment

The purpose of the Oregon School Personnel Association (OSPA) is to foster the staffing of Oregon school systems with the highest qualified individuals, as well as encourage and assist in the development and utilization of exemplary school personnel administration practices. This work is done by a dedicated and committed group of HR professionals from around the state.

OSPA’S Board consists of a president, past-president, president-elect, secretary/treasurer and five region representatives. Each year at the Spring Conference we elect a president-elect and regional representatives, and every other year we elect a secretary/treasurer.

The president-elect position is a three-year term; the first year will be as president-elect, the second year as president, and the third year as past-president.

The region representative positions are two-year terms. The role of the region representative is to provide for communications between the Board of Directors and their region, preside at regional meetings, and represent the viewpoint of the members of his/her region to the Board of Directors.

Positions open for the 2020-2021 year are listed below: Elections will be held at the Spring Conference on Monday, April 20, 2020.

  • South Region Representative, currently held by Mike Meunier, two-year term

  • Northwest Region Representative, currently held by Susan Rodriguez, two-year term

  • Secretary/Treasurer, currently held by Jennifer Duvall, two-year term

  • President-elect, currently held by Jayel Hayden, three-year term (president-elect, president, past-president)

We meet nine times throughout the year at various locations, and while the position is an unpaid position, all travel expenses are paid for when attending board meetings.

If you are interested in becoming a Board Member or want to know more about one of these positions, please contact a current board member or send me an email at