OSPA Code of Ethics

Adopted July 28, 1978
Revision Adopted September 24, 1993
Revision Adopted May 14, 2003

To promote the highest standards of professionalism in Oregon schools, the Oregon School Personnel Association adopts the following ethical human resources practices:

Hiring and Compensation

The personnel official will:

  • always provide for the hiring of the best candidate as objectively as possible, based on a thorough evaluation of qualifications and using a process that includes investigation of references;
  • make wage and benefit decisions as fairly as possible within established procedures;
  • contact the personnel office of an employing district before offering a contract to an employee under contract with that district within 60 days of the beginning of the school district’s contract year, inform the candidate of the ethical, legal and contractual obligations to his/her district, and make any offer contingent upon the release without prejudice from the employing district’s contract.
  • avoid any appearance of favoritism or discrimination.


Discipline and Discharge

The personnel official will:

  • always provide for the application of progressive and consistent discipline;
  • provide for thorough documentation before discharging an employee;
  • treat employees during discipline and discharge processes with dignity, respect, and confidentiality as legally required.


Performance Evaluations

The personnel official will:

  • ensure that all employees understand the performance appraisal process;
  • provide for precise and fair performance evaluations;
  • provide for thorough documentation of all evidence used to reach employment decisions, including promotions;
  • keep personal feelings from influencing the way employees are rated;
  • ensure that there are timely performance evaluations for all employees.


Favoritism and Personal Relationships

The personnel official will:

  • ensure that hiring, promotion or employment action is taken on the basis of performance, and not on personal, business or family relationship, or any other basis that would violate the letter or spirit of fairness and equity;
  • avoid personal relationships with employees which could reasonably give the appearance of favoritism or discrimination.


Employee Privacy

The personnel official will:

  • ensure that compensation, raise, benefit, leave, medical, evaluation and other confidential information regarding employees is kept in strictest confidence;
  • provide for complete, objective and accurate information regarding employees to potential future employers;



The personnel official will:

  • provide training and information to district employees to ensure that every aspect of employment and supervision is conducted without appearance of discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, national origin, physical appearance or condition, family relationship, or any other basis other than performance or objective job qualifications;
  • provide training and information that will ensure that every employee is treated with respect and dignity in a workplace free of harassment.


Local and State Legal and Ethical Requirements

The personnel official will:

  • abide by all legal and ethical requirements of the State of Oregon, Department of Education and Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, regardless of his or her employment status (licensed, confidential or classified);
  • keep all employees apprised of state legal and ethical requirements affecting their responsibilities as employees;
  • keep all supervisory employees and administrators apprised of legal and ethical requirements which relate to the supervision of district employees;
  • ensure a good faith effort to apply the intent and conditions of the local collective bargaining agreements;
  • ensure that compliance with federal, state, local, and district rules which relate to the supervision of employees remain a factor in the overall evaluation of supervisory and administrative employees.