"The Beaverton School District appreciates the excellent candidates that attend the Oregon Professional Educator Fair.  We consistently find many outstanding educators at this event whom we then invite into our district to work with our students." 

Jason Peterson, Personnel Specialist
Beaverton School District; Beaverton, OR

"Our team attends numerous fairs throughout the United States.  The Portland event ranks among the top.  It is well-organized, friendly, helpful and has outstanding candidates."

Dwain Dawson
Region 10 ESC; Richardson, TX 

"The Vancouver School District has hired almost 850 teachers in the past five years.  We send recruiting teams throughout the U.S.  Our team felt that the quality of candidates at this year's Oregon Fair were at the top level.  In turn, we have hired many of these candidates."

Ron Porterfield, Chief of Elementary Education.
Vancouver School District; Vancouver, WA 

"The Oregon Educator Fair is a key date on West Linn -WilsonvilleSchool District’s yearly calendar.Fair organizers place high priority on making the day beneficial to school districts by creating a professional atmosphere in which to meet and interview quality teachers from across the country and around the world.It is a day high in energy, and honoring of teachers seeking positions in the field of education.I continue to be impressed by the organization of the fair and the positive comments I hear from educators who feel valued."

Kathe Monroe,  Director of Human Resources
West Linn-Wilsonville School District; West Linn, OR

"The Oregon Professional Educator Fair was exceptional in terms of quality candidates, comfortable facilities, friendly hospitality and organizational sensitivity to a recruiter's needs.  Other teacher fairs should emulate this fair."

Dr. David Santellanes, Recruiter.
Cartwright Elementary School District, AZ 

"As a secondary science teacher, I can honestly say that this event exceeded my expectations.  By the end of the second day, I had completed seven interviews and walked away with five job offers.  I continue to receive emails and telephone calls from districts."

Amy Nickel 

“The Oregon Professional Educator Fair provides our District with the opportunity to meet and interview a large number Teacher Candidates and Specialists in one setting. It is the District’s largest recruiting resource that makes it possible to grow our pipeline with the best candidates for the positions available."

Susana Ghio, Recruitment Specialist
Salem-Keizer School District

"The Oregon Professional Ed Fair is a recruiter's dream come true.  There are high energy, enthusiastic and eager teachers everywhere you turn.  The phenomenal candidate pool drawn to the Educator Fair ranges from first year teachers to highly seasoned professionals."

Lynn Evans,  Assistant Director of Human Resources
Redmond School District; Redmond, OR